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Today, Matti Lindell enabled Cleartype- like features of freetype, cairo and xft in gutsy, by applying David Turner’s patches. I wonder why they finally decided to use them, since I read some months ago on David’s webpage that it was rather risky because this feature was heavily patented by Microsoft. Anyway, that’s a very good news, fonts look much better now on my LCD. I never installed Windows on my macbook thus I can’t really compare, but it looks rather similar to the rendering I saw on my brother computer (with Vista). :)

Packages changelogs:

  • freetype 2.3.5-1ubuntu1
  • libcairo 1.4.10-1ubuntu1
  • xft 2.1.12-2ubuntu1

More infos on the “ClearType technology” :

Update: theses patches have just been reversed by Matthew Garrett, see this mail.

Update 2: sort of reenabled, eventually…