In my previous post I wrote about the Ubuntu - Automatix collaboration:

Eventually, I am looking forward to seeing some progress on the Collaboration between Automatix and Ubuntu. Thanks to this spec, many good ideas can pop up and be implemented in hardy, and I’d be happy to receive any feedback/suggestion/help from them about Medibuntu (currently there are only 3 active maintainers: Arthur, Albin and I)…

Fool me… Why did I write that?

I saw a very “funny” discussion in my irc log, I can’t help sharing it with you: #ubuntu-motu (the interesting part is from 06:46 to 07:05).

It seems that the Automatix Team doesn’t know the meaning of “collaboration”. I strongly advise them to buy a dictionary and to check, it can’t hurt. I thought - but I was clearly wrong - that “collaboration” meant “collaboration”, not “bashing the other project to prove mine is better”.

A good example of collaboration would have been to report the issues to our bugtracker instead of speaking of it behind our back. But apparently, it’s easier to write something like sudo kill -9 dpkg in a script than filing a bug report…

cat /dev/null >| automatix

Btw, skype, googleearth and acroread are now installed in /usr/lib32 on amd64, thanks to Albin (I don’t have a processor that supports the EM64T instructions set, so I can only test on i386).