Another hint about medibuntu: we added a metapackage called non-free-codecs in gutsy. It was requested long ago (see LP: #122710 but we didn’t take/have the time to do it.

Description: Non-free codecs

This package depends on the binaries codecs package matching your architecture (w32codecs for i386, w64codecs for amd64 and ppc-codecs for powerpc systems).

It can be safely removed.

Previously, you needed to find your arch type to know which package you had to install (w32codecs for i386, w64codecs for amd64 and ppc-codecs for powerpc).

This was really a PITA for documentation writers and end-users… In gutsy, just install non-free-codecs and apt will auto magically install the package matching your system! :)

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for sparc, since we don’t ship any sparc-codecs package yet (I’m not sure it exists though, I’ll check mplayer website). :-P